For the couples out there trying to make a family but has been encountering sperm count problems, this article will be helpful.

The advancement in biology and technology has taught you to take different types of supplements; yet the most effective way would be the natural way. There are different approaches to make your sperms healthier and increase their volume.


For most part, the reason why your sperm count is low might be because of your weight. The production of sperm is disrupted as brought about by excess fat, obesity, high blood pressure and everything that might not be normal in a healthy guy.

Lose those excess fat and normalize your stats. This might be the only way your sperm production will improve. If after losing the fat and you still have low sperm count, then continue on to the next step, which is to watch what you eat.

Dietary Intake

Sometimes, the main instigator of low sperm count is your diet. You have to eat more fruits and vegetables for a healthier you. This will eventually balance your hormonal level, making your testosterone level normal and eventually produce higher and healthier sperms.

Remember that you have to prevent eating soy-based products like tofu, soymilk, and burgers. Doctors have found out that soy contains phytoestrogens that will lower your sperm volume, and in the process make you infertile.

Herbal Supplements

Performer 5The ancient times have relied on nature’s healing resources like the natural properties found in herbs. Resources have shown that antioxidants found in berries have been helpful in increasing sperm count. Fish oil has also been a source of healthy sperms in recent times.

There are herbal supplements available in the market that would improve your sperm quality. These supplements act internally by improving your sperm production, its mobility, quality and number.

You have to look for the right formulation so as to effectively affect you, because some supplements might work the other way around by not producing better sperms. So research first about the brand you are going to take, read about user reviews to be guided on which to take and which not to take.

Some popular ingredients found in effective herbal supplements include maca, muira puama, withania somnifera and tongkat ali. In fact, studies have shown that some sperm enhancers can actually cause other good effects.

Some would increase your sexual drive, your stamina, and your erection; some would improve your immunity level, lower your blood pressure and actually treat fatigue.

The best sperm enhancer would actually depend on your lifestyle. If you are not living a healthy life, chances are you will have a hard time producing a healthy amount of sperms. So change your lifestyle now while it’s early. Worse comes to worst, you will resort to surgery or sperm donors if you can’t deliver what your partners expects of you.

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