Every man wishes to have long lasting and solid erections with increased sperm count for complete sexual pleasant. There are risks involved if you do not have enough information regarding different ways to increase sperm count. Most of the men consume pills that claim to increase sperm count within a few weeks. Following are some of the easy techniques of enhancing the sperm count:

    • You need to throw warm briefs and look for comfortable ones. The location of testicles is out of the body for ensuring that they do not overheat. You need to avoid saunas, because they lead to overheating of testicles. It has severe impacts on the production of sperm, as heat is responsible for killing the sperms.

    • You need to avoid drinking alcohol, because it is not only affects the liver, but also affects the production of sperm. If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, then it can affect the overall sexual performance too.

    • You need to just say no drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and other similar illegal substances, which are responsible for hindering the sperm count. At extreme cases, it can alter your sexual desire.

    • It is essential for you to consume vitamin C on a regular basis, as it is helpful in protection of the existing sperms.

    • You need to consume a diet, which is high in folic acid and zinc. It ensures increase in sperm production. Oysters have large quantity of zinc, so they assist in enhancement of sexual desire. You need to consume red meat, because it is famous for increasing sperm count and sexual desire. You can consume beans and poultry foods, because they are excellent source of nutrients.

    • It is advisable to consume organic foods. Many studies show that people, who consume organic foods regularly, are likely to have good sperm count.

    • Most of the people go on crash diets for weight loss. Though they succeed in their mission of weight loss, but in this process, they hamper sperm production capacity.

    • If you are overweight, it is advisable to lose weight, but in a slow and steady manner. Excessive weight is responsible for causing hormonal imbalance, which affects the sperm count.

    • It is advisable to engage in sexual activities in evening. Though you may find it odd for a few days, but everything will be normal after you acclimatize this habit. Many men are not aware that sperm levels are least during the night time.

    • Try improving overall wellness of the body. Weight, stress and eating disorders are greatly responsible for affecting the hormonal balance. Obesity and stress are directly related to the reduction in the sperm count.

Thus, it is advisable to consume low fat foods. However, if you are fond of fat rich food, then reduce its consumption for three days a week. You can go for therapeutic massages for increasing the flow of blood to the penis, which in turn helps to increase sperm count.

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