Medication does not come cheap, if they are, quality is sometimes sacrificed and producers cut corners to still make a profit. However, if you look hard enough, you can always find certain medications that do not sacrifice quality but are still value for your hard earned money.

One of them is Performer 5, a male enhancement pill that claims to be the best semen volume enhancer being sold. Its ingredients such as zinc, pomegranate, mucuna pruriens, and l-arginine, which are all natural, have been proven to help tackle problems with sexual dysfunction in men through stimulation of natural hormone production in the body, but does Performer 5 cost more than it gives?

Why Take Performer 5?

Performer 5 as a male enhancement pill does not just increase your semen volume by as much as 500%, it also gives you bigger and harder erections, an increase in sexual drive, overall sexual health and appetite, as well as an increase in sensitivity.

It does this through its natural ingredients, the full list can be found on its website and other online reviews. These ingredients have been proven to increase testosterone levels, growth hormones, blood circulation, endorphine activity, and sexual drive, which also in turn affect your confidence and relationships in bed with your partner, giving you that added boost.

With these pills, users have experienced triple the ejaculate amount, twice the intensity of an orgasm, and four times erection strength, which is exactly what you should be getting in any male enhancement pill, real results that are worth what you are paying. Its natural ingredients make it safe for you to take, without harmful side effects.

Is it Cost Effective?

Looking at the list of ingredients and comparing it to other enhancement pills, Performer 5 is definitely more cost effective in terms of what you are getting.

The pills themselves cost $68.95 per bottle, but become cheaper as you order more bottles, going as low as $33.24 per bottle when you order a twelve month supply, Performer 5 costs less than other pills.

Aside from free shipping, each order can get up to $175 dollars of free gifts. Such gifts actually complement the pills in order for you to be able to have the best results possible.

These gifts include other enhancement pills that complement the Performer 5 such as Vit5 and Male Extra enlargement pills, Penis Health exercise techniques that help your sexual performance, and an array of DVDs on sex techniques for better performance in bed.

All this comes with a 180 day money back guarantee should you not be satisfied. Performer 5 is definitely cost-effective compared to other enhancement pills.

For the price you are paying, you are definitely getting a lot of value, and with the highest quality, that is also safe for you to take. It is definitely worth a try.

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