Numerous people across the world suffer from the problem of low sperm count. This affects their sex life and more often they remain unhappy with themselves.

Many people believe that ageing has direct link with decrease in sperm count. In fact, numerous studies by scientists show that various other reasons are also responsible for reduction in sperm count.

    Emotional Stress: Many scientists believe that stress causes various effects in an individual’s life. One of them is reduction in sperm production.

    Sexual Issues: Only 1% of men are actually infertile and have problems of low sperm count.

    Relational problems, premature evacuation and impotence are mostly responsible for low sperm count. However, you can get treat this problem by consulting a sexologist or taking specialized pills available in the market.

    Substance Abuse: Consumption of heavy doses of drugs can drastically affect the production of sperm. Drugs actually restrain sperm from flowing, which results in lack of sperm.

    Smoking: Like drugs, smoking is harmful and derails the functioning of the body. Numerous studies have proved that smoking results in lesser sex drives and orgasms.

    Obesity: Some researchers directly relate obesity with the low sperm production.

    Bicycling: It has direct links with impotence and it can affect the sperm count. There is regular pressure on the blood vessels while bicycling. These blood vessels are responsible for the production of sperm and erection of penis. If you ride at uneven surfaces, then the possibility of harming the scrotum increases.


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The following are the ways to enhance the production of sperm:

    Masturbate and have intercourse with proper intervals: If you ejaculate at frequent intervals, then the density of sperm reduces. You need to keep at least three days interval between two ejaculations.

    Refrain from bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption: Alcohol severely affects the proper functioning of liver, which results in drastic rise estrogen levels. Even if you consume two drinks regularly, it can have long lasting effects on the production of sperm.

    Exercise Frequently: Abdomen exercise may assist you in enhancing your sperm count.

    Consume Nutritious food: You need to avoid bitter and spicy food items. Consume food which is low in fats and high in minerals such as protein and vitamins. Most of the doctors recommend consuming green vegetables to increase sperm count. Avoid consumption of caffeine, as it can seriously harm your body’s sperm production capacity.

    Restrain from heating testicles: You need to avoid saunas and hot baths, because they can have serious effects on your testicles. At times, saunas can even lead to death, if you increase the temperature.

    Losing Excess weight: Many people go on dieting for maintaining their weight. This not only results in excess loss of weight, but also reduction in sperm count.

    Reduction of Stress levels: Many doctors believe that if we are able to curb the stress, we can get rid of 50% of our diseases. You need to enroll yourself in mediation and yoga for reducing stress levels.


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