Performer 5 is a male supplement containing a unique formula that has long been perfected by its manufacturers before being sold in the market. This never-before-seen formula helps improve your erection strength and size.

Because it combines some of the highest quality ingredients known, Performer 5 guarantees that you will see results or get your money back.

Well, you probably have read the above paragraph from various websites that promote other male supplements, but you haven’t read anything about possible side effects. And this, understandably, is what most men are concerned about.

There is nothing worse than a male supplement that will make your penis fall off, which is why this article will dig deep and examine each ingredient and see whether they contain Performer 5 side effects.

Performer 5’s All Natural Ingredients

Not only does Performer 5 contain the highest quality ingredients, but these ingredients are 100% natural as well. Because of this, the male supplement is expected to be one of the best in the world, especially because it is affordable and easy to take. Among the long list of ingredients, two major players will be examined.

Zinc (L-Aspartate and Gluconate)

Zinc has been connected to numerous studies in helping the male function by raising the testosterone levels and improving sperm production. Aside from this, Zinc has long been studied to helping eliminate prostate cancer cells.

Because zinc naturally resides in the prostate and because the prostate is accessible with relatively non-invasive procedures, its potential as a chemotherapeutic agent in this type of cancer has shown promise.

However, other studies have shown that chronic use of zinc supplements in excess of the recommended dosage may actually increase the chance of developing prostate cancer, which is likely due to the natural build-up of heavy metal in the prostate.

While this study is pretty scary, this does not really count as one of the Performer 5 side effects. As long as you follow the instructions included in the package and take the recommended dosage, your risk to having prostate cancer does not increase.


Arginine is an alpha-amino acid and it plays an important role in cell division, the healing of wounds, removing ammonia from the body, and the release of hormones. When taken in combination with other ingredients, it is also used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

While a clinical trial has found that patients who took L-arginine supplements following a heart attack were more at risk of death, this doesn’t necessarily count as one of the Performer 5 side effects. However, if you have had a history of suffering from a heart attack, consult your doctor first before buying this male supplement.

As for the other ingredients, no evidence can be found that would make them Performer 5 side effects. So as long as you consult your doctor first and take the recommended dosage as instructed in the package when you buy it, Performer 5 will help improve your sex life.

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