Before you buy Performer 5 (or any product, for that matter), make sure you do as much research as you can. You will find here a description of the product, reviews, and answers to Performer 5 scam claims.

Performer 5 Product Introduction

Performer 5 is a product that claims to give you a better sex experience through increasing the volume of certain nutrients found in our body. By using the freshest and choicest ingredients, this supplement promises 5 times as much ejaculation during sex.

The ingredients of Performer 5 are 100% organic. Some of these include zinc aspartate, L-arginine, creatine monohydrate, and L-glycine. These are all combined in the proper proportions in order to achieve maximum results.

Performer 5 Claims

So what does Performer 5 promise? Are these true or are they simply Performer 5 scam? Here is a list of what the product claims to do:

    – It gives more intense orgasms that last for a longer time. This gives you much pleasure during sex and helps to assure your partner that they did a good job.

    – It helps you by giving stronger ejaculations. This is not only beneficial from a pleasure standpoint; it also helps if your goal is to get your partner to be pregnant.

    – It makes you more sensitive to sexual stimuli, allowing you to be aroused faster and be more interested in sex. It also gives you more energy and virility for sex.

Performer 5 Results

Those written above are the impressive promises made by the product. How does it fare in real life? Reviews from actual users and customers of the product may help us in evaluating.

In reviews given by users, they claim that the product works well for them. One user claimed that upon use of the product, he immediately began to feel his sex drive increase. In the past, it would take him a long time before he actually feels aroused. Now, even the smallest stimuli can make him desire sex.

Another reported that he did feel more intense orgasms and can last longer during sexual activities. This has improved his relationship with his partner, in that he can always please her and be more adventurous when it comes to intimacy. This has proven beneficial for their relationship in the long run as well.


So is the Performer 5 scam true? Signs seem to point to “no”. Customers and scientific studies both agree that the product does work! To get yourself the same results, simply order it online! It can be delivered straight to your home in discreet packaging, saving you the hassle and embarrassment of having to buy the product in a physical store.

What are you waiting for? Test the product out now and see how it can help you improve your sex life!

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