There are multitudes of bedroom complications guys face all the time; from going limp to a lack in energy. There is one though that involves creating the, then, fantasy world of pure ecstasy. It involves volume.

It isn’t often advertised but low levels of semen create ill-fated attempts to re-create adult film-type of climaxes. The volume of semen produced in an orgasm directly affects the duration and vigor of an orgasm. The more semen there is, the longer and more pleasurable you will feel.

Do you ever wonder why porn stars often have huge and powerful loads? That’s not because they’re naturally gifted rather they get help from natural supplements like Performer 5. The Performer 5 manufacturer guarantees you the quality of its ingredients, being 100% organic and of the freshest ingredients to assure you only the best of value.

The Performance 5 Manufacturer Values Your Body

Not only does Performer 5 have the best ingredients, the manufacturer also cares for your body. They put in nutrients other companies don’t even bother with. This only means that with every Performer 5 taken, not only will you be satisfied in bed, you’ll also be healthy outside.

This is because the Performer 5 manufacturer believes that a more intense bedroom libido requires an equally healthy body. They even offer you a 180-day money back guarantee. Giving you the guarantee is easy for the manufacturer because Performer 5 really does work to deliver you what you need.

Why Volume is Equally Important

Besides having longer and better orgasms that come with more quantity, volume also promotes the chances of fertility. There are many factors that deteriorate the possibility of a successful fertility. A boost in quantity of semen will, unsurprisingly, increase chances of success in that business.

Another advantage volume brings is power. Women are undoubtedly impressed and enticed by larger ejaculations. It is a sign of good health and fertility. We are naturally attracted to partners who would potentially be a good mate whether we consciously or unconsciously think about it.

This all promotes better lifestyle in and outside of the sex scene. Performer 5 is not only for those who experience low volume but also for those who wants to experience surprising increase in gratification, who wants to promote better fertility, and for those who wants a surge in energy. In other words, everyone benefits from this. Including you.

Benefiting from Performer 5

There are a host of sites that offer the Performer 5 at affordable prices. You, getting the benefits of an all-organic, safe and quality semen volume booster has never been easier and faster. Get yours now from the best in the industry, the Performer 5 manufacturer!

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