Sex has always been a sensitive topic for men especially when it’s about being able to satisfy your partner. Not a lot of guys are willing to ask their lovers whether or not they are able to fully satisfy their sexual needs. While women are perfectly willing to tell you what you need to do, most will appreciate it if you take the initiative to improve yourself.

There are multiple things you can do to improve your sexual life. Some of these things include maintaining a healthy diet, doing penis exercises for stronger and longer lasting erections, and taking supplements.

If you are interested in supplements then you have no doubt seen that countless number of available supplements available today. If you want something proven and more importantly something that simply works, then look no further. Performer 5 is the only male enhancement supplement you will ever need.

What makes Performer 5 so special and different from other supplements?

It’s simple. It works. Performer 5 is a clinically tested and proven male enhancement supplement that increases your semen count during sexual ejaculation by as much as five times your normal amount. This means that your ejaculations last longer prolonging that pleasurable moment during release. Higher sperm count also means that you are more fertile.

It’s important to note that each Performer 5 pill packs a punch with its large dose. Performer 5 dosage is 1500mg for every pill. All those ingredients packed in are 100% natural to guarantee safe usage and zero side effects.

Every gram in the Performer 5 dosage of 1500mg contains ingredients that are all known to be effective male enhancements in their own right. These ingredients include: Zinc, L-Arginine, DL-Malic Acid, L-Glycine, Beta Glucans 20% and Creatine Monohydrate. All of these are present in every single Performer 5 pill to ensure maximum results.

What if you want to improve on other things and not just sperm count?

You need not worry! Every single order of Performer 5 will give you bonus access to PenisHealth Online. It’s a website dedicated to everything you need to know about how to improve your sex life including penis exercises to enhance your erections and healthy diets. Information in PenisHealth Online is based on accumulated medical research so it’s not just random junk information.

Bonus access to PenisHealth Online is included with every single order of Performer 5. To help you improve your performance in bed, larger orders come with more extras tossed in including bulk discounts and more bonus items such as LoveCentria Online, LoveCentria Massage DVD and MaleExtra.

Order now and experience sex like you’ve never had before. Improve your sexual prowess, surprise your lover and keep her coming back for more!

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