Do you have problems in the bedroom when it comes to the amount of semen you’re able to produce? Are you concerned about whether or not it affects your fertility? These are all valid concerns and believe it or not, small semen count is a common problem for men.

Fortunately, that’s where Performer 5 UK steps in the picture. It’s a male enhancement pill that not only improves your erection, but more importantly, increases your semen count.

A less than average semen count might not be cause for concern for most men but it does usually mean infertility. If you’re trying to start a family, that’s not something you want to deal with.

Performer 5 UK has been clinically proven to increase sperm count and ejaculation strength fivefold. That means you’ll experience longer and more powerful orgasms translating into prolonged pleasure for you and your partner.

Low sperm count is often linked to an unbalanced diet which starves the body of essential nutrients that are linked to the production of semen. These missing nutrients are packed into the pills to ensure that you’re able to produce more.

Performer 5 UK makes use of a natural formula with pomegranate as a primary ingredient. If you didn’t know, pomegranate is a fruit which act like natural Viagra meaning you can get harder and lasting erections. With natural components in use, the enhancement pills have no risk of side effects and you only run the risk of an allergy if you’re allergic to pomegranate.

Once you start taking the pills, improvements can be seen in as early as a single day but it usually takes about three months to start seeing drastic changes in the amount you’re able to produce.

Performer 5 UK packages are available ranging from one month supply to twelve months with discounts for the larger packages. In addition, you get additional items including access to PenisHealth Online and its message board which includes all the information you’ll ever need about penis exercises on increasing size and maintaining erections.

PenisHealth DVD which outlines the website information into a guide you can follow and a number of DVDs all to help you improve your sex life ranging from simple advise to actual foreplay techniques you can incorporate with your partner.

All orders can be placed through the company website. Deliveries are discrete – packages are delivered unmark and credit card statements will not contain any potentially embarrassing information.

If at any time you feel unsatisfied with the pills, you can get help from customer support. If that still doesn’t resolve your concerns, you can get your money back with the 6-month money back guarantee.

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