Performer 5 is a pill specially formulated for the ejaculation enhancer market. Its benefits and usage is focused more on the improvement of semen production. But of course, like any other pill out there, the undying questions are: Does Performer 5 work?

Is it both safe and effective? These are key questions that you need answered before purchasing the product, or any other product for that matter. You wouldn’t ingest something without knowing the contents, benefits and risks, would you?


A lot of reviews provided by many Performer 5 users include the great results produced by the pill. Men have continuously been amazed at how it has improved their ejaculation when having sex and how much fun it has brought to their sex lives.

By using Performer 5, you can expect 500% more semen production, 5 times more powerful ejaculation – proven to shoot further, increased sperm motility by 250% in 2 weeks, intensified, lasting orgasms for you and your partner, rock hard and solid erections, more virility, stamina and sexual appetite and bolstered blood flow.

So how does Performer 5 work? The pill actually has a dual action system meaning it works for your body both internally and externally to help you achieve a boost in ejaculation. Also, it is a great supplement to help cure your sexual problems such as fertility issues, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


Performer 5 is known to be safe because it uses all natural and medically approved ingredients. The manufacturers don’t include additives or fillers in the production of the pill making it safe for you to use.

Clearly, your health and safety is their main priority. Performer 5 works by replenishing the lost minerals and hormones in your body. The 100% all natural ingredients found in the pill supplies your body with essential nutrients that feed your prostrate, thus allowing you to produce more semen naturally.


So what are the key ingredients that are responsible for the effectiveness of Performer 5? There’s zinc which is served ten times more than the daily average amount. There’s also L-arginine which helps blood vessels to recover elasticity and flexibility.

This also helps in the improvement of blood flow in the penis. Pomegranate is also an active ingredient which acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing your sex drive. Lastly, there’s mucuna preriens, an herbal extract that contributes to the production of testosterone and dopamine.

So what’s the final verdict? Yes, Performer 5 is indeed safe and effective to use. The product is favorable to plenty of men due to the amazing results it brings and also because there are no known side effects to it. So if you are looking for something to increase your semen production drastically and more, then you might want to go for Performer 5.

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